Not Just Bad Backs and Headaches . . .

Not Just Bad Backs and Headaches . . .

"I thought you guys just fixed bad backs and headaches," one of our patients said a few weeks ago. "But since I started coming, I feel 100% better-and not only my back."

That comment made us feel great! The truth is we're always surprised to find how many people think that chiropractic care is only about treating musculoskeletal conditions like backache, whiplash, headaches and neck pain. Although many of our patients see us for those kinds of orthopedic-related complaints, many others effectively seek treatment for a variety of other problems. Chiropractic science is about total health. We look at "whole" person-including, your emotional well-being.

Why is chiropractic care so effective in treating more than just "bad backs?" Read on...

Being "Wholly" Healthy

Most of us don't realize how closely connected our overall health and well-being are to proper spinal alignment. Today an increasing number of patients seek us out with a desire to achieve a better quality of life without the presence of negative symptoms. They seek our regular care as an important component of their preventative health maintenance program.

Keeping the Communication Lines Open

Modern telephone and computer technology allow immediate and constant global communication. In much the same way, your nervous system-your brain, spinal cord and the intricate network of nerve fibers and endings in your body-make instant messaging and continuous coordination possible between every cell, tissue and organ. Would it surprise you to know that your emotions are also affected? They are!

Your body's natural healings processes require good communication. And what we do is to keep the body's communication system in good repair. This not only happens when we correct the spinal misalignments you suffer. It also comes about because we encourage you to engage in healthy habits-and give you better skills.

For example, enhancing your body's communication system takes the right fuel and proper balance. An appropriate daily regimen of vitamins and minerals also helps strengthen your natural defense against toxins, pesticides, and other hazards in today's environment. It helps you recover from illness more quickly than you otherwise would.

Making Life Better

Our job is not just to adjust your back, neck, or other aches and pains. That is a very small part of the whole picture. We want to help make your life better and healthier. We want our patients to be able to express themselves fully and enjoy life to its fullest. Our goals are simple-We want to help you increase your energy level, remove nerve interference, normalize chemistry, heighten alertness, and increase the quantity and quality of you life.

You're in Good Company!

A recent study of more than 2800 patients in the United States and worldwide was conducted by the University of California-Irvine Medical School. It demonstrated that chiropractic patients enjoy higher levels of profound and consistent improvement in self-reported health and wellness issues. These include:

  • Improved physical state-less physical pain, less tension and stiffness; fewer and less severe allergies, eczema and skin rashes; less evidence of colds and flu; fewer headaches; and less menstrual discomfort.

  • Improved mental/emotional state-increase of feelings of joy or happiness; positive feelings about self; less moodiness and depression, and fewer angry outbursts.

  • Less stress-overall contentment with life.

  • Improved life enjoyment-openness to guidance by "inner voice" and feelings; experience of relaxation; positive feelings about self; interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle; feeling open when relating to others; confidence in dealing with adversity; and compassion for and acceptance of others.

  • Improved overall quality of life relative to-more interest in life; personal life and significant other; improved ability to think, concentrate and stay on task; extent one adapts to change, less anxiety and concern about vague fears, handling of life's problems, less distress about pain, actual life accomplishments, and life as a whole, less anxiety and concern about vague fears.

  • People who use chiropractic care also are more likely to engage in health-promoting practices and a decrease in health-detracting practices.



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