Hocus Pocus? Think again...

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Hocus Pocus? Think Again…

"....After my visit to your office I hiked around feeling pretty spunky. I decided to experiment with my first light run last night. Although I felt good that evening I know better than to celebrate until the next day. Usually any morning after a run (or lengthy walk) I limp around until my body warms up. This morning I walked without pain. Wow!"

That's exactly the kind of story we like to hear. And that we do increasingly as we add new treatment methods that help our patients be their best.

We've seen many exciting developments in the healing arts and sciences during the last century. One of the most exciting is our ability to be more precise in measuring the body's functions. Using electronic, mechanical, mental and chemical means, we better understand the interrelationships between the various parts of the body-and in the process, we have learned more and more about sickness, health and wellness.

New Kid on the Block

Applied kinesiology (AK) is not well understood. Though you may not have heard of it, its use is growing among natural health care practitioners. AK investigates body functions using muscle testing.

How is this done?

The body's nerve network is complex and overlapping. Nerve and energy patterns show up in the muscles. Weak muscles often reveal improper function in the related areas. Strong muscles can confirm that an area is functioning properly. It's really a very simple concept-but very powerful too!

Amazing Grace!

Following a test that indicates weakness, we apply a correction action or adjustment. It's fascinating to watch the muscle being tested suddenly become amazingly strong! Not surprisingly, the reverse can also happen. If the nerve or energy pattern is not adequate to meet the body's demands, you can see it right away.

The Weak Link

Interference or challenges to the body's natural energy patterns can make a strong muscle wimpy. AK enables us to find problem areas. If we find improper body function, most of the time we can return it to normal. That's how AK works.

One of a Kind

Ask yourself this question: Are you exactly like everyone else? Does your body have exactly the same needs as your neighbor? We all know that no two people are exactly alike. Two of us eat the same amount and type of food but I gain weight and you don't. It doesn't seem fair but that's how it is. But why?

Vive la Difference!

You are different. That's a good thing. So feel good about it. Now it's time for you to embrace your differences. Stop and think for a moment…Where was the last place you got advice for some ailment? Probably your coworker, friend, book or maybe a doctor. All of these are okay. But now we can do it better. With tools like AK added to our arsenal, we can do an even better job of fine-tuning your healthcare to your unique needs.

What a Concept!

Working with your body and using AK, we can get information to share with you. Together we will become informed and be able to take action with confidence. In this way, you'll know we are going to serve your body's needs.

What Are You Waiting For?

Our chiropractic practice is built upon listening to our clients, and their bodies. Many practices that eventually become breakthroughs sound a bit strange at first. AK may sound like one of those. But we use a variety of the growing body of diagnostic and treatment methods to help fit our care to your specific needs. We are confident we can provide you with custom-fit professional recommendations.

Tried and True

We are proud of the work we do, and even more, we are happy with our accomplishments in helping our patients. Some people want the best in client services. While others want leading edge healthcare. Why settle for anything less? For those who consider both important, and even necessary, our clinic is here to help.




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