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ear2_1.jpgSound is a condensed form of energy.  Music is humanity understanding spiritual information clearly.  The whole body responds to sounds.  At a cellular level, this stimulus is understood and assimilated.  Sound works directly on the nervous system, radiating energy, which creates specific effects according to frequency and intensity.  Every sound emits a certain color.  Sound and color are just different rates of vibration.  Healing with vibration will help us to ¬≠fulfill our evolutionary potential.

Existence is full of vibration.  It is everywhere.  The wind passing through the pines is music, the water descending from the mountains is music, the birds and animals are music.  The whole existence is a kind of great orchestra.  It is a symphony.

6120_lg.gifBiosonic Repatterning, is a natural method of healing, using tuning forks. When we listen to the sound of the tuning forks our nervous system attunes to the pitch in much the same way as when we find a pitch for a choir or tune a piano.  The vestibular system via the semi-circular canals resets and rebalances the nervous system.  During the listening process, our physical body will actually reposture itself to hold the sound correctly.

To understand this process, remember a time when you were in a quiet place or just before going to sleep.  During this time you may have heard a high-pitched sound in your head.  This is the sound of your nervous system.  When you are under stress this sounds gets louder and ¬≠sometimes can become a ringing in the ears.  For most of us this sound is subtle and we only hear it when we focus on it.  Tuning into the sound of your nervous system is a meditation.  Find a quiet place, sit or lay down, close your eyes and focus your awareness on the sounds inside your head.  Listen for the high sound.  When you listen closely you will discover that sounds consists of two distinct pitches.  These pitches originate from your left and right brain ¬≠hemispheres.  These pitches change in frequency, volume, and pitch depending on your state on consciousness.

As you listen to the two different tones, your body will naturally adjust itself and come into balance, making the two wounds into one.  You can hum and let your voice resonate with the sound of the interval.  This humming creates a sonic anchor, which helps you recreate the experience of the tuning forks without having to use them.

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