Toxins are causing Fatigue

fatigue.jpgContinued research shows many people have increasing levels of toxins that are causing serious health effects. PFOA or Perfluorocatanoic Acid, as stated by a May 2010 report of the EPA, demonstrates cooking with Teflon pots and pans leaches this chemical into our system. It has also been demonstrated this chemical can be a factor in aberrant thyroid function, which can be a major factor in fatigue. Millions of patients have fatigue and obesity that have been diagnosed with normal thyroid by standard tests.

Standard thyroid tests are thought by many Holistic and Wellness Physicians not to be adequate in evaluating optimal function. It is documented that thyroid function is harmed by these PFOA toxins that seem to be found in almost everyone in today's toxic environment.

Iodine supplementation is needed by most Americans and it also helps counteract the Bromine and Fluorine toxins everyone is exposed to in today's environment. We get Fluorine in our water, toothpaste, some dental treatments etc. Fluorine and Bromine bind up the needed iodine and extra is needed to be adequate for us to function normally. We are also exposed to fluorinated water daily in our bath and showers. Mountain Dew is a popular beverage, which contains toxic Bromine that has been documented to increase mental problems.

Consider safe cooking utensils, adding Nutri-West's Iodine Rescue, Total Greens, Total Veggie, Total Chelate, Total System Detox, Total Liver Detox, Total Thyroid and maybe even a Dana Water System, as well as reducing your chlorine and bromine intake/exposure.  And most importantly visit your Brimhall Practitioner to achieve optimum health with the Six Steps. Top


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