How Your Gut Starts to Leak?

Bad fats cause bad gut bacteria, which causes more bad fat, inflammation, loss of insulin sensitivity, food allergies and a host of other symptoms and conditions. 

A 2007 study by Dr. Amar Cani showed that overweight children had a 3-fold higher level inflammation and a 2.5-fold higher level antibodies to foods, INDICATING FOOD ALLERGIES. Most studies that show a difference of 20 to 30 percent is considered significant. In this study, the differences were 300 and 250 percent.

These overweight children also had thicker carotid arteries, at even this young age, which implies a sign of early atherosclerosis and an indicator of heart disease in later life. One conclusion of this study is excessive bad fat intake causes bad intestinal bacteria that yield food allergies that contribute to inflammation and obesity.

Damage to the gut can lead to a leaky gut, allowing food particles to be exposed to the gut's immune system. This can trigger an immune response throughout the entire body causing general inflammation, which can produce obesity by increasing insulin resistance, not to mention potentially increasing the incidence of AUTOIMMUNE CONDITIONS.

This and many other studies show inflammation from any cause, whether bacteria, allergic foods, a high-sugar, high-fat diet etc. can produce insulin resistance, leading to higher blood insulin levels. Since insulin is a fat storage hormone, you store more fat in this scenario and it can be seen most easily around the belly. This is becoming so prevalent, even on young children and teenagers; it is referred to as a MUFFIN TOP.

High fat diets kill off of the good bacteria in the gut and replace them with toxin producing bacteria, which caused inflammation of the intestinal lining and cause leaking. Other factors that lead to leaky gut include a highly processed, high-sugar, low-fiber diet. Studies have also shown drugs like antibiotics, steroids, anti-inflammatories, acid-blockers, and hormones can alter the bacterial ecosystem in the gut, leading to further breakdown, inflammation, and a leaky gut.

These toxins that have now leaked into our blood system start a cascade of effects with our immune cells, stimulating them to produce inflammatory molecules which in turn block your metabolism and produce insulin resistance, potentially a fatty liver, and obesity. So the final analysis is if you eat a bad diet or have toxins in the system, bad bugs flourish. Your whole gut ecosystem is upset and the outside world leaks-in across a damaged gut lining. The result can be obesity, diabetes, heart disease, allergic conditions, autoimmune, and inflammatory diseases.

One of the Six Steps to Wellness is evaluate and eliminate toxins. Nutrition is key to help improve digestion, introduce good bacteria to the system and help take stress out of the body. Contact us today to see how we can help to improve your health with the Six Steps to Wellness.



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