Allergy Season is Here. What to Have on Hand . . .

Allergy Season is Here.  What to Have on hand to prepare you for "Cold and Flu Season"

If our body is working proper, there is not a dis-ease season. If any or all of the 6 Interferences are interfering with optimal function, dis-ease or disease can manifest.

Here are a few Nutri-West products to have at your fingertips:

-Core Level C-TR: Time released immune system support works at the very core building elements of strengthening the immune system and especially complimentary for allergy and dis-ease prevention.

-Zinc Lozenge: Aids with enhancement of the immune system. Zinc is necessary for the formation of insulin and thyroxin. Of course, thyroid and blood sugar regulation are important in all aspects of health. Zinc is part of 20% of the 5, 300 enzyme systems in the body.

-Total Multimune: Helps to rebuild and strengthen the immune system and prevent allergic reactions. This is quite possible the most comprehensive formula made.

-DSF for proper adrenal support for de=stressing the body at all levels.

-Total Flu-Cld Nasal Spray: Aids in relieving flu or cold like symptoms which often are caused or aggravated by allergies.

-Get Checked for Homeopathic Heavy Metals as this can be a cause of allergies and can play a role in seasonal allergies.

These products should be readily available in your office and in your home. For more information on how to purchase these products, contact our office.  Top


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